Motivational / Inspirational DBZ AMV - "STRENGTH" (No Mercy)


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What-if story:
Vegeta is dead in Future Trunks' timeline. Vegeta however gives his son a motivational speech from the afterlife in order to prepare him for the challenges he will face with the Androids. Keep in mind, this is a speech from Vegeta - so it is cold, blunt, and straight to the point. Future Gohan has already passed on, as shown at the start, and Vegeta is who will push Trunks to become a true warrior.

Feel free to apply Vegeta's words to your own life. No more crying, just get stronger - mentally, emotionally, and physically.

You get the point.

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So, I tried new stuff with the audio - and I'm not extremely proud of the result to be honest. Before people comment about hearing the original BGM - I already know. I apologize - I'll eventually teach myself how to rid the original BGM especially if I do more videos like this with voice overs. Also, I edited this video a bit differently than I normally do, hopefully it came out okay.

SONG: If I Lose Myself Tonight

ARTIST: Danny Olson

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